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SparkNJ’s Entrepreneur Conference 2023

We had an awesome Sunday morning today, September 3, 2023 at SparkNJ’s Entrepreneur Conference held at the Princeton Adult Day Care in Dayton, NJ. Special thanks to the Ishan Vanjara, Sristy Sood, Kriti Devand, Tasneem Tapia, and the rest of the SparkNJ team for putting together this event. Both Ben Jen and Rithanya Senthilvel shared their insights on the “Ins and Outs of VCs” in a morning workshop with a bunch of entrepreneurial high school students from the area.

We are also recruiting applicants for our Summer 2024 Venture Analyst internship position. Feel free to visit the Application Page here to learn more about this opportunity.

About SparkNJ

The SparkNJ Conference aims to inspire students in high schools across New Jersey to pursue their own businesses. Our goal is to provide the youth with the information, resources, and tools they need to develop their ideas into viable enterprises. We aim to motivate a new generation of self-assured and socially conscious entrepreneurs by encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills. Our conference provides students with a vibrant platform to persuasively present their ideas to investors and industry leaders while establishing priceless relationships that will accelerate their entrepreneurial journeys. Through the power of entrepreneurship, SparkNJ is dedicated to creating a dynamic ecosystem that fosters innovation while providing a platform to positively impact society. For more information about SparkNJ, visit their website here: