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StartupGrind Princeton – AI MAX Conference

StartupGrind Princeton’s AI MAX Conference was held earlier today at 23 Orchard in Skillman NJ. There were 21 companies that were presented and pitched their startups.

The event was filled with innovators, educators, AI leaders, and startup investors. The day started with a series of startups who pitched their businesses to a set of judges for feedback and evaluation. Earlier in the afternoon there was a series of presentations from experts in the realm of AI talking about the impact that it is having, and will continue to have, on various industries.

A workshop in the afternoon hosted by Mukesh M. Patel on prompt engineering was fun and engaging. As many of you know, there is a direct correlation between prompt and output quality when it comes to AI. Mukesh shared that he has his students submit their AI chat threads if they used it in any written work they submit so he can evaluate the quality of their prompts. A great example of an educator evolving and embracing innovation.

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