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Internship 2024 Screening Process Update

This is an update as of May 18, 2024. For more real time updates, follow our page on LinkedIn:

We’re a little bit more than 65% of the way through the initial screening. We’ve sorted the initial screening by alphabetical order (by last name) and some people started screening from the top of the alphabet and others from the bottom. If your last name is in the middle of the alphabet, there’s a high chance we’re getting to it soon. We anticipate having the initial screening wrapped up by this weekend or early this week (our screeners are also in school or have class).

Some of you will have received emails for the next round, please look out for an email from Omar Amjad as he would’ve sent instructions on how to proceed.

Just some clarifying points about our internship screening process. We have 3 main rounds of screening:

1. Is the initial applicant screening, which interns from previous years are invited to participate in.
2. About 25% of applicants will make it into our secondary screening which involves writing a sample report.
3. About 25% of the applicants from the secondary screening will make it to the final stage which will be an interview held virtually by a panel of screeners.

Hopefully this provides some clarification to our process.