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Summer 2024 – Initial Screenings Complete

We appreciate the time and effort that everyone has invested in the application process and have finished reviewing all of the applicants in our initial round. Additionally, we have sent out e-mails to everyone that’s made it through to the secondary round.

A few observations and improvements for future years:

1. A lot of applicants stated that they wanted to pursue the internship because it would be a “great networking opportunity” or because “it was their career goal.” Unfortunately, approximately 70% of the applications had this and it was not a clear enough differentiator to help separate out the applicants.

2. One of our questions was “Pick a startup in any industry and discuss why you would invest in it.” A lot of people provided a company name but only discussed what the company did and didn’t provide an actual analysis or information as to why it was investable. Some people only talked broadly about an industry.

Unfortunately we can’t provide specific feedback to all applicants about the reason for their rejection, but likely it fell into one of the above. Lastly, if applicants did not have a video as required, we rejected those applicants.

All applicants that have moved onto the subsequent / secondary round have been asked to write an analysis into one of ten companies that have been e-mailed. We will be reviewing those in the coming days and will be sending a follow up e-mail to schedule a live interview as part of our final screening process.

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