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working alongside entrepreneurs to promote innovation and growth to build impactful companies

About the Company

1435 Capital has an established track record of transformational investing in leading early-stage and growth stage companies. Our team of professionals brings decades of experience in private equity, corporate finance, entrepreneurship and technology to identify the most attractive transformative trends across a number of sectors and invest into the companies with the strongest potential to benefit from these trends. We work closely with the management teams of our portfolio companies by driving forward strategic initiatives and operational improvements.

Our Mission Statement

At 1435 Capital, our mission is to instill trust with our partners and maximize capital returns through efficient and calculated entrepreneurial investments.

1435 Name Origin

1435 milimeters is the width of a standard gauge railroad track and 1435 Capital is located near the Princeton Junction train station. Trains, commerce, and capital move on rails. 1435 is referencing the fact that commerce and thereby capital moves efficiently and quickly through railroads, hence the origin of our name.

The Team


Ben Jen

Managing Partner

Surendra Arora

Venture Partner

Tyler Burbage

Senior Venture Associate
Real Estate Asset Manager
Graham Hill

Graham Hill

Senior Venture Associate
Operations Manager

Omar Amjad

Venture Associate